Plain is pretty too.

Starting to feel that nothing in life is as glamorous as we think it should be, it’s we who bring that. Not the , the event itself. Once we realize it is us that brings it to the situation and our way of being in it, that thing no longer has power over us and it will simply be all it needs to be because we have arrived. Because we are there.


54321. Go. Go go go go go. Do. Doing is good. Sustainability in the physical sense. Achieved.

Doing. Action. A performance.

I wonder… if a person is always performing, where does authenticity have room to grow? How does one perform and be genuine? If a person is always on… doesn’t it become a string of acts? A performance?

Acts of slowness. Solitude. Vulnerability and feeling. Just a ||. Does a person need time to confront the self, the one that is always going? Enough moments of not performing, and perhaps, a person can have the space – the energy – to be with their self. Say hello. Maybe enough of these moments can bring this other self closer to our doing selves so that in as many moments as possible, we are not just acting with intention, but wholesomely. Spiritually. Softly.