The wind knew your name,…

I wish I was there with you. I found your hand when we started into the woods. Held it tight. Held it dearly. But I didn’t know you were running to the fall. I couldn’t pull myself from planting the roses I thought were for us. When I looked up you were gone. I ran and ran, tears and branches wiping my face. I followed the small voice I heard in the wind, out to the other side. It was your’s… calling from the bottom of the basin. You had already jumped, not realizing the only way down for me was if I went with you. I wish I had been there. I wish.

Sometimes I still think I hear you down there.

Don’t need a whole lot of anything, just want a little bit of everything.

What is it do you think makes people come most alive? Anyone out there feel like it could  be  little bit of everything? 


Could it be in the summer mornings when you can smell the warm fresh dew greeting the crisp air and rising sun,

Or could it be some of the summer nights when you step outside on your porch for a minute, long enough to be comforted by the rhythm of the crickets singing their moonlight songs,

or is it going down the largest and fastest roller coaster beside one of your best friends as you both laugh and cry so hard your stomach hurts,

or is it when the dunkin’ donuts you venture to makes your coffee just right,

is it a friendly smile from a stranger,

is it neon party lights and a strawberry chaser at your favorite club,

is it staring into Van Gogh’s paintings at the MFA on a rainy fall afternoon,

is it having an extra hour to sleep in and have a healthy breakfast,

is it putting your favorite pair of yoga pants on and getting lost in a sea of blankets with a cup of tea,

is it falling asleep to nature’s favoorite lullaby, the rain,

is it looking out over the ocean near your house as the moon and stars reflect on its surface,

is it grabbing a childhood friend and catching up over frozen yogurt,

is it a colorful flower you found along one of your long walks to think,

is it a friend who reminds you how important you are,

is it when your favorite movie happens to start when you flip through the channels,

is it when you get a gentle kiss on the forehead,

is it when you get lost to the beat of your favorite song,

is it when a cherished memory brings you back to a genuine moment,

is it when you see others show small acts of kindness towards strangers,

is it when your mom welcomes you home with your favorite meal,

is it when your father hugs you so tight you can remember every time he has ever been there for you,

is it when someone makes you laugh so hard you cry,

is it when you reach a breaking point but ironically feel better after you cry it out,

is it after a great work out or a run in the rain,

is it the process of learning to live in the moment,

is it time spent with quality company,

is it when you receive an unexpected  compliment,

is it when you treat yourself to some expensive Godiva and get lost in the rich dark chocolate overtaking your taste buds,

is it when you get a moment to sit down in Boston and just people watch,

is it when you feel warm sand in between your toes,

is it when you stretch long in bed, yawn, and greet the day,

is it when you enjoy your favorite coffee at the local cafe,…


is it when you learn to become introspective,

is it when you can learn to appreciate the smaller things in life,

is it when you can have the ability to plan for the worst but hope for the best,

is it when you can have a productive schedule,

is it when you feel like you can make a difference in the world,

is it when you focus on yourself but still operate with genuine intent when dealing with others,

is it when you begin to forgive people,

is it when you control yourself in emotional situations,

is it when you can learn to read the situation,

is when you can learn to fully love your self,

is it when you set goals for yourself and hold yourself to them,

is it when you hold no one to expectations you’ve created,

is it when you can learn to love someone,

is it when you can love someone enough to let them go,

is it when you have inspired some one positively,

is it when you have helped someone realize their potential and act on it,

is it not all about love?


This was another random thought to post that transformed as it unraveled in my head and unto this page. Writing to see what you’re trying to say can be so rewarding. I began this post because I felt something but just couldn’t identify it. Letting my thoughts run free in recalling every type of moment that I have genuinely appreciated I at least have come to what I was fumbling with emotionally, an expression of Love. Re-reading this I smile because it brings back so many of the beautiful things I have experienced and wonderful people that have walked into my life. When you have some down time try this as an exorcise especially if you’re in a place mentally where maybe you need to remember more sincere moments. I promise it will bring a smile to your beautiful face.


Enjoy the night people, remember to make a little time to appreciate yourself today and what you’ve accomplished. Peace up & Stae weird.