Plain is pretty too.

Starting to feel that nothing in life is as glamorous as we think it should be, it’s we who bring that. Not the , the event itself. Once we realize it is us that brings it to the situation and our way of being in it, that thing no longer has power over us and it will simply be all it needs to be because we have arrived. Because we are there.

Messy humans

And for every moment I see that I was wrong do I color in another line in the drawing etching itself from my hand, almost as if to get free of me. I can’t separate the shapes and colors at first.. and while I try to make sense of it through my eyes, instead I hear it sing to me “… two insecurities don’t make a right.”

On a walk I noticed this tree and,

A morning walk in franklin park

Humans are like this tree and this tree is like life. Look to the branches. What do you see when you trace them? …Full of bumps and ugly twists, spots of beauty if that’s how you define it, dark holes and light bark, unpredictable twisty messiness, unfurling out into our own expansion when we simply follow the light and feel our roots. May we remember that we don’t have to be anything else, standing without apology like this tree.